Some time ago I partnered up with L’oreal Paris to try out the new Foilyage beauty trend. I have to admit that I was quite excited about...

Some time ago I partnered up with L’oreal Paris to try out the new Foilyage beauty trend. I have to admit that I was quite excited about it since I have never dyed my hair before! I think it might be a bit easier for you guys if I explain what exactly the „Foilyage hair trend“ is before beginning with my story. From what I've understood it is pretty similar to the Balayage hair technique, meaning that the hair stylists apply bleach/coloring by hand onto the hair. Or as Anne Bauso from would say : „ Foilyage, a hair-color method that combines the subtle hair painting of Balayage with the color-intensifying power of foils“. - and that pretty much sums it up perfectly! I did some research and decided that it would be quite a cool idea to just try it out and make up my own mind about the Foilyage technique. So on one morning of the following week my little sister and I entered a fairly beautiful hairdresser called „Farkas and Manthei“ in Charlottenburg (one of the central/known neighborhoods in Berlin). Therefore, our first impression was highly positive. The location was great and I loved the way they furnished their rooms. After a short waiting time, a young woman accompanied us to another room and we started to discuss my expectations and which look we would try to go for. 

Haha, I was a bit nervous about the result and whether or not I would like the outcome. That’s why I made clear that I wanted a natural look that would just slightly distinguish from my natural hair color. To ensure that we would not differ in our opinion about the word „N A T U R A L“ I showed her a couple of pictures. We decided to go for a subtle brown tone that would be one (or at most) two shades lighter then my original color. We washed my hair and she started to apply the color to my hair for the next 100-120 minutes or so (Why such a long time? Well, you need to remember that each strand of hair has to be finished/painted separately + I have really long and really thick hair). Haha, my head literary looked like a bird’s nest while I had to wait for the color to blend in - but isn’t that an experience as well? And a funny one too. I guess anyone who has ever dyed their hair before knows that.

Finally, the time had come for the stylist to wash out the color and I can tell you that I was pretty excited about it. We were not able to see anything yet which meant that we had to wait for the hair to be dried and styled first. AND THEN… I have to be honest with you… I saw the result and did not like it. At the beginning I thought that it might be because I have never tried a look like that before and that it would simply take me some time to get used to it. So, we left and I thought that I was „ok with it" until the next day when I felt super uncomfortable in University. You have to know that the Foilyage technique is only highlighting certain flicks of your hair and I guess I simply expected a different result. I am really sorry to say that, but I think that my stylist and I had completely different perceptions of the word -natural- (or maybe she was not as experienced with the Foilyage technique as it is a fairly new one on the market) I really liked her as a person but I have to be honest with you. She choose a color that was WAY lighter (and on top of it I had a red cast (Rotstich)) then I was asking for. I thought that I would get used to it and the color itself was not bad at all - it just didn't suit me as I am a rather dark type and I just felt "too fake" with the copper-colored hair. Maybe it was my own perception, but I decided that it didn't matter as copper was not the color I was asking for when I showed her a dark/subtle brown tone.

That's when I decided to call the hair salon and tell them about me concern. I have to admit that the service was impeccable though! They apologized for the inconvenience and I got a new appointment the next morning. I only had to tolerate the color for a day or so. We overdyed the lighter parts with a darker tinted color and I was completely happy again + I actually liked how they „saved“ it. The only perk? - the color would wash itself out after some while.

You were not able to see an outstanding difference between my „old" and my „new hair“ for a week or two, but since the color was appearing slowly you could actually see the difference more and more which I really liked to be honest. My hair changed its color gradually (now) which made it easier for me to get used to the new look. I postponed to write this article for a while as I really wanted to wait and see how it would go. At this point I should overdye them again as they start to get too light again, but that’s ok. I mean don’t they say : „The way is the aim“? ;)

So as a resumé I would say that my little adventure was worth the ride as I love how my hair turned out. It's not the L'oreal PR teams fault though that I was not as happy right away! They only choose the hairdresser and I do believe that Farkas and Manthei is a good one. I was just not as lucky this time, but I guess that can happen. I mean working with different individuals isn't always easy for the stylists and maybe we just had different ideas about the result that we wanted to achieve. To sum it up, it was an interesting experience with some ups and downs. After the treatment L'oreal send me a pretty cool package with different products that made it easier for me to treat my now-colored hair. So thank you L'oreal for the interesting experience.

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