Fashion Fou is a Berlin based fashion blog focusing on Germanys capital city and the people who live in it. It also documents the fashionable site of Berlin

" Home is where the heart is"- and for me "home" has always been Berlin. A place that is so richly filled with all sorts of different people. Some more some less fashionable - but as we all know: Beauty lies always in the eye of the beholder! And Berlin has many eyes. What I really like though is that you can be whoever you want in this city. There is always some place where you can blend in and feel related. Berlin Fashion Fou is not solely focusing on fashion but on the journey of life. A love letter to Berlin.  It follows me on my journey of finding the right place to blend in and I really hope that you guys want to join me on this adventure.

Let's share: Locations | Restaurants | Events | Styles | Interesting People | -Ideas | Quotes | Love! | Thoughts | Let's become a community that wants to share and discover together |

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