I hope you guys are having a nice start into the weekend. Today I would love to share an event wit...

I hope you guys are having a nice start into the weekend. Today I would love to share an event with you guys that I've been to a couple of weeks ago. The brand Diamant released their newest creation the Juna+ E-bike in Berlin. The party took place at the all-known music hotel NHow that I've always been a fan of. It is a really individual place with an exceptional concept (and you should take a moment to Google it, just a little tip from a Berliner..) The guests had the chance to join a bike tour around the trendy Friedrichshein neighbourhood before the brand ambassador Guido Maria Kretschmer gave a short speech to the audience. Sadly, I missed the bike tour (and I have to admit that I did regret it after Nelly told me about the fun time she had, riding the bike and discovering new corners of our beloved city). The brand Diamant manufactures bikes "Made in Germany" since 1885, which is pretty special and I have to admit not cheap. However, if you consider the work process, you end up realizing that they actually have a reasonable price.

Furthermore, I have to admit that we had to leave the event a bit early as we planned to attend the opening of the Dandy Diner fast-food restaurant. However, we did regret it in the end...when we reached the location we had to realize that there was no way to get anywhere close to the doors. Whatsoever. I mean, who would have expected that the place would be so crowded that the police had to show up? Believe me I did not. But if you really think about it.. the boys from Dandy Diary are known for their crazy parties all around town. Anyway, we missed the Press presentation at 6pm and when we arrived at the location around 8 o'clock it was impossible to see anything. That's when we decided to go for dinner somewhere else. Haha, just a funny anecdote at the end : When I woke up the next morning, even my mom knew that the opening escalated as the information was all over the news. 

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