Real. What is real and what is not? Love is real. Real is friendship and real are the people tha...

Real. What is real and what is not? Love is real. Real is friendship and real are the people that stand behind you no matter how things are going.
I really don’t know why I feel so weird lately - things need to be so ,,profound” recently. I am officially done with school and I feel like there is a certain sense of (maybe) ,,change” in the air. But a step forward always means dealing with your past as well. It makes you contemplate on all the moments that brought you to where you stand now. But where do I stand now? I guess that's the essence of the problem. Have you guys noticed this certain ,,getaway place” that each one of us flees to at some point of our journey? What I want to say here is that we tend to build this little cage around us in order to protect ourselves. Maybe even to blind us from the things that really matter. Those things that might end up hurting us. And Furthermore, maybe we distract ourselves because we want to ,,create” this little fake happiness. I mean, if we would take the time to really think about the important stuff we might end up disappointed. I guess that's why we escape to a place where everything is alright, no matter how the world actually looks like. I don’t know if I am going too far, but I am pretty positive that each one of us has this defence mechanism, somewhere deep inside. My thoughts use(d) to glide far away every time that situations got to emotional or complicated… towards situations that took place somewhere far away. I think we don't realize how precious thinks are or used to be until they are not like that anymore. 

"One day, you're 17 and you're planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life."
This quote is quite out of topic (but what is the topic of this article anyways, right?) but I read it quite awhile ago, back then when I just turned 17 and when I was sitting in my little room in BC, Canada. Haha, around that time I was adjusting to a couple of situations. I was struggling because this one person was not there anymore and also because two precious people might not be (as they used to be) there when I finally pack my bags to fly back home. Looking back from my perspective now I have to say that it might have been the wrong decision to leave the country back then. Around that time things got pretty complicated. But as the time has already passed and won’t come back regardless of however much I want it, I have to accept the things as they are now. It’s funny in a sad way how fast life can change you know? You could almost describe it as ,,moody” in a certain way. I mean, one day you wake up and things are completely fine and the next day the two people that you love most in the entire world are struggling with the ,,real” things - with their dear lives.

 In situations like that each day ends up to be precious and sometimes even perfect. I mean, of course, every day that we have on this earth is special, but some things make you realize that even more. Back then this certain situation seemed to be so far away and I am not talking about the 4.000 kilometres between Canada and Germany - I mean emotionally. Sadly, passed time won't come back and sometimes you need to give yourself some space to process everything and then find your ,,balance” again. As I already mentioned … Lately, I feel like there is a certain ,,sense of change" in the air. I feel like the seasons are changing and with them the spirit in town does as well. 

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