Hello there :) Long time no talk. Some of you guys might have noticed that I’ve spend most of last...

Hello there :) Long time no talk. Some of you guys might have noticed that I’ve spend most of last week at Fashion Week. This inspired me to start a “real talk”-section with you guys. I love floating around and meeting awesome new people but this also opens your eyes towards the friends that really matter. Do you guys know that feeling of putting a lot of effort into a person that wouldn’t even care enough to ask you about your day? It can be really funny in an ironic way how much one can be deceived by somebody else. I think that many of us are simply to nice to cut off toxic people. But as Jonathan Cheban once postet : DETOX your mind, body, AND contact list! And if we are really true to ourselves - he is completely right! Haha, I know that I am being a bit vague here but I think that talking bad about somebody/something is only lowering your own value as an individual. Always be nice and kind but when you realize that somebody uses this kindness to simply mess with you -> it’s time to call it quits! I think everyone has/had that one person aka “friend” that made them feel disappointed every time they've met. Or that one person that just transforms into Mr/Mrs Rude? I think the second kind of person is still my preferred one as they make it really easy to simply laugh at the entire situation and then forget about it. I think each one of us should take a moment and cut off all the toxic people in our lives. I mean, if we are true to ourselves it will only make us happy and bring a better and brighter future into our lives. Haha, but enough with all this negativity here - I actually just wanted to tell you guys that each one of you is worth the best of the best and that we should focus on the friends that really matter. The ones that we can call at four in the morning without hesitating for a second and not the ones that only stick around for the good times. It’s not easy to find someone that deserves all of your efforts and I think we should hold on to those ones. Haha, the ones that won’t even get mad at you when you flip because they almost bought a prom dress similar to the colour you choose. You know, the ones that say : No dress is worth knowing that you will be sad all night long. Or those ones comparing your friendship to a pair of perfectly designed Jimmy Choo’s. 
Regrettably, I did some mistakes and lost some people that meant the world to me. Friends that used to be like my sisters and tbh.. It’s still hard to look back knowing that parts of it where my own fault. It is always hard to let something/somebody go that was worth all of your time. I feel like some people are so focused on having “many” friends that they miss creating “real” | set in stone-kind of friendships. 
“You have three types of friends in life: Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime.”

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