Sophie is a young talented girl that specialized on lash lifting. Get to know her in this little Interview: Who are you and what are yo...

Sophie is a young talented girl that specialized on lash lifting. Get to know her in this little Interview:
  • Who are you and what are you doing? Our name is Bella Lashes and we're offering "Eyelash Extensions" in the north of Berlin. The aim of our work is, that every woman can have long and beautiful eyelashes for a favourable price.
  • When and how did you start doing this? My mom and me where wondering why professional eyelash extensions were so expensive in Berlin. Normally they cost about 100 euros and not every woman can pay 100 euro for eyelash extensions every month. So we looked last spring where we could learn the 1:1 technique to become a specialist. We opened at the 1 of October this year, so we're pretty new in the business.
  • What is special about you and your work? We're doing our work with love and passion. Today, unfortunately this is not a matter of course anymore. Also we do great work for a good price, so every woman can have beautiful eyelashes. We're working at home in a separate room, so I think that it is a bit more familiar. Our customers can talk to us like we're good friends, or they can relax. In the end everybody leaves with a big smile on their face.
  • Tell us 5 things that inspire you Well, first it is our biggest inspiration to see the smiles on our costumers faces when they look in the mirror after a session. Furthermore , it is really inspiring to find out how different eyelashes suit different people. It is extremely exciting to figure out which length, thickness and curl suits them the best.  My biggest dream is to travel around the world in 2017, I am putting all my money aside to fulfill this dream. Honestly, my mother who was and is my biggest inspiration. But I think every daughter feels the same. And last but not least, Audrey Hepburn, because she has so beautiful eyelashes.
  • 5. What does beauty mean to you? That is a good question and it is difficult to describe! There are many women that are talking with us about beauty. For us, the inner beauty is in the foreground. Labels don't mean much to us. Also it is not important if you wear the "best makeup". You should feel good in your skin and with the features you've got. But when some girls or woman want to have eyelash extensions in order to find themselves more beautiful, this is great as well. We love to help them feel beautiful in their skin. I think a quote is better for a description:  "The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorwaay to her heart, the place where love resides." -Audrey Hepburn

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