Changes and new beginnings- Do you guys know that feeling of being stuck or lost somewhere in the middle of several things? Just floating trough the days trying to catch a glimpse of reality? And trying to understand the feeling that comes along with it? I don’t know exactly what it is but I am somewhat stuck in-between all the different scopes of memories and feelings. It is as if the days come and go so fast that it becomes almost impossible to keep up with all the things that happen between morning and evening. I guess everything is kind of messed up right now, but also perfect exactly in the way it is. Haha, like a confusing perfection in the imperfectness of the world. “Let your dreams lead you to where your soul knows it belongs”.  I wish I could pack my bag and leave town for a little while. Just travel. Soon though.. 

"If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad" 
-Lord Bryon


Vielleicht gibt es bessere Zeiten. 

Aber diese ist die unsere.
-Jean Paul Satre-

Jacket and Pants : Ipekyol
Shirt : Zara
Shoes : Jimmy Choo


Sophie is a young talented girl that specialized on lash lifting. Get to know her in this little Interview:
  • Who are you and what are you doing? Our name is Bella Lashes and we're offering "Eyelash Extensions" in the north of Berlin. The aim of our work is, that every woman can have long and beautiful eyelashes for a favourable price.
  • When and how did you start doing this? My mom and me where wondering why professional eyelash extensions were so expensive in Berlin. Normally they cost about 100 euros and not every woman can pay 100 euro for eyelash extensions every month. So we looked last spring where we could learn the 1:1 technique to become a specialist. We opened at the 1 of October this year, so we're pretty new in the business.
  • What is special about you and your work? We're doing our work with love and passion. Today, unfortunately this is not a matter of course anymore. Also we do great work for a good price, so every woman can have beautiful eyelashes. We're working at home in a separate room, so I think that it is a bit more familiar. Our customers can talk to us like we're good friends, or they can relax. In the end everybody leaves with a big smile on their face.
  • Tell us 5 things that inspire you Well, first it is our biggest inspiration to see the smiles on our costumers faces when they look in the mirror after a session. Furthermore , it is really inspiring to find out how different eyelashes suit different people. It is extremely exciting to figure out which length, thickness and curl suits them the best.  My biggest dream is to travel around the world in 2017, I am putting all my money aside to fulfill this dream. Honestly, my mother who was and is my biggest inspiration. But I think every daughter feels the same. And last but not least, Audrey Hepburn, because she has so beautiful eyelashes.
  • 5. What does beauty mean to you? That is a good question and it is difficult to describe! There are many women that are talking with us about beauty. For us, the inner beauty is in the foreground. Labels don't mean much to us. Also it is not important if you wear the "best makeup". You should feel good in your skin and with the features you've got. But when some girls or woman want to have eyelash extensions in order to find themselves more beautiful, this is great as well. We love to help them feel beautiful in their skin. I think a quote is better for a description:  "The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorwaay to her heart, the place where love resides." -Audrey Hepburn

Contact :


- " The best color in the whole world
is the one that looks good on you " -
Coco Chanel

Jacket : IpekyolPants : Littlebig (LTB)Mules/Shoes : Mango (similar)Bag : Stella McCartney   


The Esther Perbandt runway presentation arouse a variety of different emotions by every guest watching the show. Sadly, the video below does not show how the room was wrapped in the sounds sung by two operatic singers. One dressed in black with a 15 meter long train and the other one fully clothed in white. The spherical voices carried the viewer into another world making the show interesting from the first beat. Dark sounds and even "darker" fashion was presented in modern styles. The new collection focused consequently on the two colours of the night - black and white. The fashion show began with deep and pure black coloured designs before the second show-block switched into solely white. The final act was a mixture of both colours. 

In einer Träne friert die Zeit
Kristall aus tausend Dimensionen
Senkt sich ins Feuer der Unendlichkeit
haucht sich ihr ein
verliert sich ganz
wird ohnmächtig geboren


Wir haben nie Zeit, wie and're das Geld.
Wir wollen nicht viel, wir woll'n nur die Welt.
Wir wollen Sommer ohne Wolken.
Und Nächte auf den Straßen.
Tabak ohne Teer und unter Wasser atmen.
Ich will im Plural reden und uns damit meinen.
Glück ohne Ende und im Fallen steigen.

Dress : Forever 21 (here)
Coat : Opening Ceremony (here)
Shoes : Dolce & Gabbana (here)
Bag : Zara 
Hat : Vintage 


  • Who are you and what are you doing? My name is Diana A. and I'm studying fashion design at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. 
  • What Inspired this collection? The keynote of the whole collection was "Catch The No-Go" which -combined with a sport and a hybrid- builds the "perfect No-Go". In our case it was basketball and diagonality. The sport was our biggest inspiration so everything from the basketball court to the LA Lakers inspired us a lot. We defined our "no-go" by the combination of male sports and female details such as flowers and pastel colors.
  • What does fashion mean to you? There is a saying "you are what you wear" that is in my opinion completely true. People's personalities are of course not unimportant. But when you meet someone for the first time, the appearances are what catches the eyes at first. Fashion and clothing say a lot about you. Even if you decide to go against the usual norm of following trends. Rather you create antifashion which is somehow fashionable as well. 
  • Ideas for the future? I don't have any specific ideas, but right now I'm very interested in 3D printers and smart materials.
  • 3 Fashion No-Go’s? Leo-pattern, Waist bags, Socks with flip flops


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes. We love them. I don’t know if you ever had the chance to talk to a guy about this topic but the usual answer is something around the lines : “Why do girls need so many shoes? I own like 2, a newer and an older pair”. Haha, don’t be to shocked girls, I guess thats rational. But since 10 pairs of shoes are a basic for MANY women I would love to show you guys my newest love connection. So, my mom bought this really really pretty pair of sandals for our vacation and when they turned out *sadly;)* to be to small for her feet I ended up getting them. I really liked them but sadly they ripped after a little accident (what broke my heart.. ok, thats the moment when the guys can start laughing). I decided to take them back to the store because a brand like Navy Boot shouldn’t sell shoes that bite the dust after (not even) a week of wearing. Long story short solution, yesterday I went there to give them back hoping that they might have another pair of this model but since so much luck would be too good the vendor told me that they were sold out all around Germany instead. And thats when I found these badass boots. Since summer is already over choosing a good basic pair of autumn shoes seemed smarter. Some of the shorter girls might be familiar with the struggle of finding pointed leather boots that don't appear "sharp" or make you seem even smaller (than you already are). The coolest thing about this shoes is that all the details are hand painted which makes every pair unique. Haha, but enough of my little speech. Have a great week. Kisses, Meroda.


Some of you might know about the "Glossybox Movie Night" that took place last week. Today I just wanted to share some of my impressions with you guys. I know it has been awhile but since I had such a great time with my friends at the event I really wanted to share this evening with you. We (Nessi and I) arrived a bit too late because we got lost in town (which happens way to often when we are together;) but luckily my little sister and her friend were at the right spot during the right time so that they could save some great seats for us! The first thing we noticed (when we finally arrived!) was the nice lightning prepared by the hosts. Also the decoration was pretty sweet overall- popcorn, drinks and a photo booth rounded up the cosy atmosphere. The movie "La Dolce Vita" started around 9.45 pm but sadly we had to leave a bit earlier which meant that we had to miss the last part of the film. Haha, I am definitely going to finish it at home any time soon even though it was pretty hard to understand immediately because of the chaotic oder of the scenes. The movie is rather interesting for its display of the Italian lifestyle around the 1960s anyways (La Dolce Vita means The Sweet Life)
Photo Credit - Tobias Koch and Nessi from Nessie's Corner 


Today I want to show you guys a really nice lookbook that I discovered earlier this week! Some of you guys might know about the British fashion brand Oasis. The label who has its roots in London collaborated with the Victoria and Albert museum to launch a new capsule collection that is inspired by flower prints exhibited in the museum itself. I am a big fan of flower prints, so I really felt for this flower orientated collection. Haha but that was a lot of information! I hope you guys enjoy the lookbook. Best wishes, Meroda