Today is just a quick recap on last weeks "Berlin Fashion Week". Sadly, I've got a bit lost in time while planning my upcoming trip to Turky for the next month. I wasn't able to report much about my highlights but I am confident that I will finish most of the articles by this week so that you guys won't have to miss out on all the beautiful collections and people that I have met during the past week. It was a really special fashion week season for me too since I decided to visit most of the events by my own in order to meet new people (You guys know that I haven't been in town for quite awhile and I just felt like it might be the right time to mix things up a bit. Instead of going to shows with some friends, I decided to visit them by myself in order to meet new people (and I met a lot of charming and creative young folks/more about that soon). The following post is just a little OOTD showing some of my favourite pieces (Haha, mostly black as you can see) 

Bag: Stella McCartney (similar here
Shoes : Valentino (similar here
Shirt : Zara
Jacket: Zara


On Tuesday we decided to visit the Zalando fashion house in the Kaufhaus Jandorf in Berlin-Mitte in which the online store Zalando.de presented the fashion highlights of their upcoming collection such as the designs of talented new designers from the online platform : Not Just A Label. The overall impression was great as we entered the building. It was a somewhat bedraggled building with its own charm. A bit edgy and modern. Cocktails, on-site photo-booths and of course the collections kept the audience occupied until the aftershow party at the NHU DUONG club. In the following pictures I tried to capture my favourite moments for you guys. 

The fashion house is open for the public from the 7-10 of Juli in the Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin-Mitte


You guys have probably heard about the online shop Amorelie.de 
The online shop is one of the leading German online platforms for everything from lingerie to love toys etc. Since Amorelie is all about having a good time they choose to throw a party on international kissing day- how suiting. The visitors had a chance to experience a day full of creativity and love. Lovebirds could take pictures at the photo booth (the best kiss actually won a price) and the rest of us had the chance to pose with coloured wigs and other funny tools! I really have to say that the Amorelie event was one of my favourite ones so far. The atmosphere was really relaxed and everybody seemed to have a good time. Food was provided by the local Burger and Frozen yoghurt Van right next to the Tube station where the party took place. The fashion show by Escora began around 8 pm and ended with a burlesque show which was sexy and entertaining.


Today I am going to present a cooperation between Cross Jeans and Berlin-Fashion-Fou.com. You will have the chance to win 2x2 Cross Jeans sets including the beautiful denim short Mayla and a matching red-checked blouse!  All you have to do?  Send me an email with your name to Berlin-fashion-fou@hotmail.com. I will contact two lucky winners on Thursday the 25th of June. Good luck !

Heute habe ich die Freude euch eine Kooperation zwischen Cross Jeans und Berlin-Fashion-Fou.com vorstellen zu können. Ihr habt die Chance 2x2 das Outfit Mayla Short und Karo-Bluse zu gewinnen. Was ihr dafür tun müsst? Einfach eine Email mit eurem Namen an Berlin-fashion-fou@hotmail.com senden und mit viel Glück seit ihr die Glücklichen Gewinner. Die Gewinner werden am 25 Juni bekannt gegeben.

What? 2x2 Cross Jeans denim sets
When? The giveaway ends on Thursday the 25th of June 2015
How? Send me an email with your name to Berlin-fashion-fou@hotmail.com


Today I'm going to report about a great event that I've been to. Jacks beauty department opened its doors with a huge "opening-party" featuring make up lessons, a hair session and a little "covershoot" corner presented by the Tush magazine. It was the first event that I've been to since I'm back from Canada (what made it pretty special (in a good way, haha) especially since I had the opportunity to meet up with some people that I haven't seen for like 100 years. The beauty department changed its location currently so please don't get confused with the dates because its already been awhile since the event. I really recomment visiting the store ! Here is a little picture boom with some of the best moments of the night! 

P.S we had the opportunity to get some make up that was especially mixed for our skin tone. Heres a little tip to all the people who have problems to find a foundation that quite matches their skin tone. There is a section in the beauty department that creates a foundation especially for your skin tone! I love the one I got but I will write a little review about this product soon.