Today I'm going to report about a great event that I've been to. Jacks beauty department opened its doors with a huge "opening-party" featuring make up lessons, a hair session and a little "covershoot" corner presented by the Tush magazine. It was the first event that I've been to since I'm back from Canada (what made it pretty special (in a good way, haha) especially since I had the opportunity to meet up with some people that I haven't seen for like 100 years. The beauty department changed its location currently so please don't get confused with the dates because its already been awhile since the event. I really recomment visiting the store ! Here is a little picture boom with some of the best moments of the night! 

P.S we had the opportunity to get some make up that was especially mixed for our skin tone. Heres a little tip to all the people who have problems to find a foundation that quite matches their skin tone. There is a section in the beauty department that creates a foundation especially for your skin tone! I love the one I got but I will write a little review about this product soon. 


I know, Fashion week season is already over and I'm a "little" late but the DYN fashion show was such a highlight that even though time flew by fast those beautiful pictures stayed in my mind. It was an interesting presentation. Different in a way, and I have to admit a bit special to me. I had the chance to visit the show with a good friend who've never been to a fashion show before and let me tell you I did not regret taking her to this show. People who already had the chance to visit a "studio show" know that the majority of them end up being a little bit plain in the end. DYN was not one of those shows. The fashion was refreshing, the concept of the show great (The designer presented the small space in a simple but original way) and the music was perfectly matching the idea of the show and the label itself. Afterwards we had the chance to take a closer look at the new collection as the models ended the show by positioning on the stage, transforming the "moving" show into a short little exhibition.


I'm actually sitting at the airport in Frankfurt right now waiting for my plane to to leave for Munich. This is going to be the first time that I'm going to the famous "Octoberfest" in Bayern. I'm really exited to wear a Dirndl for the first time but also (just) a little bit melancholic since being at the airport always reminds me of all the great travels that I did during the last months. Today is a little throwback to my beautiful time in in Turky this summer. I tried to catch some typical colours and patterns of the Turkish culture in my pictures.


Hello again! After weeks of exams and essays I'm finally back into my old routine. That's why I wanted to show you guys some pictures that I took a couple of months ago during my spring vacation in Turky.  I would consider this place as one of my favourite spots in the whole country. I am also really lucky that my parents are so interested in us knowing our own culture and discovering the places that we originally come from. Thats why we drive down there every year or so. To visit a new part of Turky and to see what our roots are. This special place is in Erzurum, surrounded by waterfalls and a lot of nature. It is also a somewhat "holy" place what made it even more special and important for me to discover. 


Right before I went to Canada my friend and I stopped in the greatest city in the world. NEW YORK! It was a dream come true and always one of my biggest wishes to see the "Big Apple". Its still hard for me to process all the beautiful memories that I made this year and New York was one of them . Everything is just so different compared to Europe. Absolutely mind-blowing! My favourite spot was definitely the times square by night. You see all these pictures that look really good but its nothing compared to the feeling that you have when you stand right there. All that I could think of was: Wow, no picture can show this beauty. It might be a bit cheesy but the article is called "A love letter to New York" so please don't judge me, haha. It really felt like it. Thats why I'm so happy to announce  that I will go back for a couple of days in December! I was really sad about the entire "Leaving Canada" situation and my parents could feel that and since I got accepted to one of the best High Schools because I worked really hard this year they told me that I am allowed to fly up there during Christmas and New Years (my only holidays really) You guys can imagine how I felt when they told me that! I was literally smiling for a week. My destination was Canada and my mom would join me this time so we decided to stop in New York for a couple of days because she never saw the states and this was just the perfect "excuse" for ourselves to do it (since we went up there anyways) So here are some of the pictures I took in this beautiful city